Here’s some material you might find helpful:

This is a lovely article by novelist Nicholson Baker that was published in the New York Review of Books in 2008. It does a great job of describing how Wikipedia works. Here’s another good article on Wikipedia, written by Dan Pink for Wired magazine back in 2005. And here’s a 2011 piece from the Guardian by British historian Timothy Garton Ash.

Here’s a pretty long magazine profile of me, published by Fast Company.

You can read the Wikimedia Foundation’s 2012-13 plan here, and an FAQ here. There is lots of information about the Wikimedia Foundation on its site.

Here’s a column I wrote for the Guardian on Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary, on why we need to preserve the Internet as free and open.

Here’s a 25-minute video interview with me, conducted by Mark Oppenheim of m|Oppenheim.

Here is where you can find a constantly-updated list of my edits on the English Wikipedia.