This is a super-fast comments policy because people have been asking for it: I will probably refine it at some future point.

Upshot: I am happy when people comment – I invite you to comment if you haven’t yet, and I thank you for commenting if you have :-)

I’m happy to get comments here from Wikimedia Foundation staff and board and community members —whether I know them personally or not, whether they are commenting in their official role or giving personal opinions—, and also from people on the periphery of the Wikimedia movement. (By definition: if you’re here, you are either part of the Wikimedia movement, or you’re adjacent to it. As The Last Psychiatrist sometimes says: if you’re reading this, it’s for you :-)

But this is never going to be a super-lively discussion space. It isn’t designed for that, and I can’t support it — because I don’t have time to actively curate (solicit, approve, respond to) comments, and because I pre-moderate comments in order to eliminate the risk of having spam or libel sitting here for hours. That means the time lag between someone posting a comment and it being published is necessarily going to prevent easy, open discussion. That’s too bad, but it’s not avoidable.

So. In general, I approve about two-thirds of non-spam comments, and they go up unedited. The wait may be as little as a minute, or as long as a day. (Sorry!) The average is probably an hour or two. If eight hours pass and your comment’s not up, probably either it’s sitting unnoticed in the WordPress filter or I’ve deleted it. Feel free to try again if you want.

In general, I’ll approve your comment unless it is unusually unkind or has the potential to be harmful – particularly if the unkindness/harm is aimed at people other than me, who aren’t here to defend themselves. I don’t allow personal attacks, trolling, insinuations and accusations, invasions of privacy, and so forth.

And I’ll say preemptively that this blog is not an accountability mechanism for the Wikimedia Foundation or the Wikimedia projects. There are many different places where critics (including friendly ones!) can raise questions and explore concerns. This is not one of those: this is just my personal blog. I want this to be a place where people can kick around ideas in a low-key, good-faith context: I don’t want people scared off by a hostile atmosphere.

So please comment, and please do it in a constructive, friendly way :-)